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Catalonia pioneered an Animal Defence Law 1988.This avant-guard law, 3/1988, passed on the 4th of April 1988, among other things, prohibited the building of new bull-rings in Catalonia.The law has been modified and up-dated various times, always in favour of the rights of animals.An important modification was to prohibit children under 14 from going to bull-fights, as the witnessing of a violent act was seen to have a negative emotional influence on young people.

Another important addition to the law (22/2003 Animal Protection Law, 4th of July, 2003), declared that it considered that animals are psychologically as well as physically sensitive and it prohibited a number of spectacles and events where animals were caused suffering and were killed.So it would seem logical that, in the light of these modifications and additions, the law should include and protect bulls instead of excluding them.Objectively, bullfighting implies mistreatment and causes pain and suffering to the animals so the law should protect them.

Taking into account all these modifications, one sees that they form part of a process in the relationship between animals and humans. This process began from the totally anthropocentric point of view where animals were considered mere objects and continued to a substantiated point of view where, among other things, scientific evidence of the genetic similarity between species and of our parallel process of evolution, indicate that our laws must reflect this shift.Bulls (bos primigenius taurus) have a very similar nervous system to our own which means that we share many aspects of our neurological and emotional make-up.

Catalan society has, in general, accepted the evidence that bulls are capable of suffering and it has taken on board the shift in opinion which rejects mankind as having absolute rights over animals allowing them to treat animals with violence and aggression.This same shift in consciousness has meant that other countries, with long democratic histories, passed laws prohibiting events where animals were mistreated many years ago.. The combination of the growing concern among Catalan citizens to protect animals and the diminishing number of bull-fighting supporters plus the negative reaction that bull-fighting produces in visitors to our country and that fact that public money is spent to support these cruel events, clearly indicate the logical step which must now be taken: bull-fighting in all its legal forms must be abolished in Catalonia.

Therefore, in the light of the spirit of articles 148, and 149 of the Constitution and of articles 46, 116, 144 and 189 of the “Estatut d’Autonomia de Catalunya”, the concerns of our Catalan society encourage us to formulate the following:


First Article

Letter “f” would be added to Part 1 of Article 6 of the updated text of the Animal Protection Law with the following text:

“f.Bull-fighting and events where bulls are killed, or wounded with the “sorts de la pica, banderilles i l’estoc” as well as any kind of event where bulls form part of a spectacle inbull-rings or anywhere else, except in the case of the events referred to in letter b) in Part 2 of Article 6.

Second Article

Letter “a” would be removed from the Part 2 of Article 6.

Additional arrangements

First.The Catalan Government will calculate an economic compensation to be given to those entities affected by the passing of this law; this compensation will be given within 6 months and will follow the usual legal procedure in such cases with petitions by those affected.

Second.The economic effects of this law will be accounted for in the budget of the following financial period.

Surrender of rights

Any ordinances or by-laws or rights which contradict this law or are incompatible with the contents of this law will be overridden or surrendered.

Final arrangement

This law will become operative on the day following its publication in the “Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya”.

descarrega la proposicio de llei

Locations in Spain that have been declared against bullfighting by it's towncouncil by
democratic votes

Catalonia - 70 locations

  • Tossa de Mar (1989 - Girona)
  • Vilamacolum (1991 - Catalunya)
  • La Vajol (1991 - Catalunya)
  • Palafrugell (1991 - Catalunya)
  • Calonge (1997 - Girona)
  • Barcelona (2004 ciudad)
  • Torelló (2004 - Barcelona)
  • Calldetenes (2004 - Barcelona)
  • Olot (2004 - Girona)
  • Ripoll (2004 - Girona)
  • Tavertet ( 2004 - Barcelona)
  • Manlleu (2004 - Barcelona)
  • Granollers (2004 - Barcelona)
  • Valls (2004 - Tarragona)
  • Molins de Rei (2004 - Barcelona)
  • La Roca del Vallès (desembre 2004 - Barcelona)
  • Sant Feliu de Llobregat (2004 - Barcelona)
  • Bellpuig (2005 - Lleida)
  • Abrera (2005 - Barcelona)
  • Sitges (2005 - Penedès)
  • Sant Cugat (2005 - Barcelona)
  • Banyoles (2005 - Girona)
  • Cerdanyola (2006 - Barcelona)
  • Sant Andreu de la Barca (2006 - Barcelona)
  • Mollet del Vallès (april 2006 - Barcelona)
  • Teià (may 2006 - Barcelona)
  • Sant Quirze de Besora (may 2006 - Barcelona)
  • Gironella (may 2006 - Barcelona)
  • Cabrera de Mar (may 2006 - Barcelona)
  • Biure de l'Alt Empordà (may 2006 - Girona)
  • CABANES de l'Alt Empordà (june 2006 - Girona)
  • Sant Iscle de Vallalta (june 2006 - Barcelona)
  • GUISSONA (june 2006 - Lleida)
  • Torrebesses (august 2006 - Lleida)
  • Moià (september 2006 - Barcelona)
  • Artesa (september 2006 - Lleida)
  • Vilabertran (september 2006 - Girona)
  • La Garriga (2006 - Barcelona)
  • Sanaüja (october 2006 - Lleida)
  • Torrelavit (october 2006 - Penedès)
  • Riudarenes (november 2006 - Girona)
  • Fornells de la Selva (february 2007 - Girona)
  • Brunyola (march 2007 - Girona)
  • Fatarella (july 2007 - Tarragona)
  • Morera de Montsant (october 2007 - Tarragona)
  • Calella (october 2007 - Barcelona)
  • La Bisbal del Penedès (diciembre 2007 - Barcelona)
  • Pallaresos (noviembre 2007 - Tarragona)
  • Palamós (november 2008 - Girona)
  • Sant Cebrià de Vallalta (october 2008 - Barcelona)
  • Les Franqueses del Vallès (january 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Vacarisses (march 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Arenys de Munt (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Hostalric (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Tagamanent (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Santa Eulalia de Ronçana (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Caldes de Montbui (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Pallejà (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Aiguafreda (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Sant Pere de Vilamajor (april 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Sabadell (april 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Vilassar de Dalt (april 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Morell (april 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Martorell (april 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Castellbisbal (april 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Vallgorgina (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Vilanova i la Geltrú (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Sentmenat (may 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Sant Esteve de Palautordera (june 2009 - Barcelona)
  • Arenys de Mar (october 2009 - Barcelona)
ASTURIAS - 1 location
  • Castrillón (june 2008 - Asturias)
Balearic Islands - 1 location
  • Costitx (july 2009 - Mallorca - Balearic Islands)
Euskadi - 1 location
  • Sopelana (may de 2009 - Bizkaia)

Locations in the whole world that have been declared against bullfighting.

South America
5 locations
  • Baños (octubre 2007 - Equador)
  • Zapatoca (febrero 2008 - Colombia)
  • Bello (juliol 2009 - Colombia)
  • Carrizal (octubre 2008 Miranda-Venezuela)
  • Caracas (abril 2009 - Venezuela)
1 location
  • Viana do Castelo (marzo - 2009)
3 locations
  • Mouans-Sartoux (2005)
  • Bully les Mines (December 2006)
  • Montignac (October 2007)
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